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A Look at the Dream Team: Archangel, Todd Coleman and Billy Johnson for GT4 America

When you put together a dream team, the result is often something special. That's why you'll want to pay attention when we tell you about the Archangel, Todd Coleman and Billy Johnson team up for GT4 America.

The trio have a combined wealth of experience racing in other arenas - from Grand Am to GT3 America, they know what it takes to compete at the highest level. And yet they're also not afraid to take risks and try something new, which is exactly what they've done with their alignment.

Now they'll be challenging themselves in one of the most cutthroat racing categories out there: GT4 Europe, which is full of talented drivers gunning for the championship. In the following article, we'll take a closer look at this dream team and what it means for GT4 America.

GT4 America

Introduction to the GT4 America Series

GT4 America is the latest edition to the IMSA Series, and it's set to take off in a big way. It's no surprise that Archangel Motorsports will partner with Scott Blaine for this series—they are well-known for their strong racing pedigree in GTE and GT3. They are now looking to expand that success into this new series, which includes both GT America Powered by AWS and Pirelli GT4 America.

In order to make an impact in the new series, they have enlisted the help of Todd Coleman Racing with Todd Coleman driving in both the GT America Powser by AWS and Pirelli GT4 America. They have also added Billy Johnson with Todd Coleman Racing being supported by Archangel Motorsports. The duo will be driving an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 in both series, giving them a competitive edge on the track as they aim for success.

The Elite Dream Team: Archangel, Todd Coleman and Billy Johnson

Here's something that car fans will definitely want to check out: Archangel Motorsports has put together an elite dream team for GT4 America. Partnering with Todd Coleman Racing and Billy Johnson, this trio is sure to make big waves in the racing world.

Todd Coleman will race the car in both the GT America Powered by AWS and in the Pirelli GT4 America with Billy Johnson. Todd Coleman Racing is supported by Archangel Motorsports and will have their racecar entered in two series—both GT America and GT4 America with Billy Johnson driving it.

Not only are these three drivers accomplished on their own merits, but together they bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, skills and success on the race track. This combination of talents is sure to make for some exciting GT4 America races. So keep your eyes peeled—you're going to want to see what this Dream Team has in store!

Breaking Down Each Member of the Dream Team

It's a dream team—literally! Todd Coleman, Billy Johnson and Mike Johnson of Archangel Motorsports have come together to run a Vantage in the GT America Powered by AWS and the Pirelli GT4 America.

Let's break down each member of the team so you know who they are and why they're an asset.

  • Todd Coleman

Todd is a German Nationalist Historian with fast car experience. You might even recognize him as an extra in Fast & Furious 7. He's never raced an Aston Martin but he's looking forward to driving one for the first time in GT4 America!

  • Billy Johnson

Billy is a driver with experience in many race series and more recently has been gaining notoriety for his win in 2019 at The Glen. His past successes have included a GT4 America championship, two IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Championships, two Pirelli World Challenge championships, four Michelin Pilot Challenge Championships, plus wins at The 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Daytona.

  • Mike Johnson

Mike is the team principal at Archangel Motorsports, running cars since 2016. He's known for his ability to prepare cars fast and make them even faster on track—that could be key to success when it comes to the highly competitive GT4 America series. Plus, Rodney Atkins has even written a song about him called "Johnston & Johnstons".

As if that wasn't enough Mike is also a former board member of Clark Elementary School website!

What the GT4 America Series Means for the Team

The GT4 America Series is no small feat, and it means a lot for the team. GT4 America is all about professional-level sports car racing, and involves pavement and dirt tracks around the United States, with incredible speeds and competition. This isn't just a single race—it's a series, so it's incredibly important for everyone involved to be on top of their game for the whole season.

  • Combining forces

That's why it's great that Archangel, Todd Coleman and Billy Johnson are teaming up to take on the challenge of the GT4 America Series. They have combined forces, so that they can use their collective strengths and make the most out of this opportunity that they have before them.

  • Sharing duties

The team will split up duties so that each person is focusing on what they do best. Todd Coleman will focus on driving in the GT America Powered by AWS, while Billy Johnson will also oversee driving duties in both Pirelli GT4 America Series events. Archangel can provide their expertise in developing winning racing strategies throughout the entire season.

It definitely won't be easy—winning a race requires rigorous practice before even getting to the track—but if there ever was an unstoppable dream team to tackle this challenge, it would without doubt be Archangel, Todd Coleman and Billy Johnson!

Preparing for the GT4 America Series Race

Getting ready for the race is no easy feat. That's why Archangel Motorsports has put together an impressive Dream Team—a trio of world-class drivers that are sure to give their opponents a run for their money.

Leading the pack is Todd Coleman, a driver with a proven track record in GT4 America and the Pirelli GT4 America enables. He'll be taking on both series with the help of Billy Johnson, an experienced driver who's faced many circuits with success. Together, they're sure to put up a good fight.

But it's not just about speed—it's also about strategy. Todd and Billy have been working closely with Archangel Motorsports to go over strategies and fine-tune their technique before they hit the track. This includes finding the right setup for each race, getting comfortable in their cars and prepping for any unexpected conditions that might arise during the race.

So when Todd and Billy take to the track this season, you can expect them to be ready for anything that comes their way!

The Benefits of This Collaboration for All Involved

The collaboration between Archangel Motorsports, Todd Coleman and Billy Johnson will truly be a dream team. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved, as both Todd and Billy will gain invaluable experience from each other that they can use to become even better racers.

  • Archangel Motorsports

Archangel Motorsports stands to benefit as well. Not only do they gain two experienced drivers for their GT4 America team, but they also receive the opportunity to learn from Todd's and Billy's experience in endurance events. This could help them take their racing skills to the next level and become even more successful in endurance events like the GT4 America series.

  • Todd Coleman

Todd Coleman benefits from this collaboration because he has an experienced driver to work with in Billy Johnson. He also gets the chance to learn from Billy’s extensive experience with Pirelli GT4 America. At the same time, he can apply his own knowledge of endurance racing to this new challenge, allowing him to continue improving his racing skills.

  • Billy Johnson

For Billy Johnson, this is an exciting opportunity to compete alongside an experienced racer like Todd Coleman in Pirelli GT4 America. He can share his knowledge of the series with Todd while learning from his own experiences with endurance events as well. It is a great way for him to continue hone his driving skills while experiencing new challenges on the track.


In conclusion, the combination of Archangel, Todd Coleman and Billy Johnson for GT4 America is a powerhouse one. They have the potential to shake up the world of racing, and we can't wait to see how their partnership plays out. With a combined wealth of experience, knowledge and raw talent, this is one team to watch. With the right determination, they may just make it to the top.


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