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How Jordan Taylor Is Revolutionizing the Role of 'Coach' in Garage 56

When you hear the word “coach,” it’s easy to think of an authoritative figure barking out orders, telling athletes how to do things. Jordan Taylor is something different entirely.

As coach of Garage 56—the first-ever garage created specifically for disabled athletes in the world of auto sports—Taylor is a revolutionary, flipping the traditional roles of coach and athlete upside down. Rather than merely teaching and directing her team, Taylor has embraced a new role: one that values dialog and mutual exchange over authority and hierarchy.

In short, Taylor has stepped away from simply instructing her team on the art of car racing to coaching an almost spiritual connection with them. Through her passion and dedication to her team at Garage 56, she is helping usher in a new era in auto sports…one that values human connection above all else.

Garage 56

Jordan Taylor as a Driver and Leader of Garage 56

You may know him as the driver of the No. 3 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTD in the IMSA WeatherTech, but Jordan Taylor is doing much more for the sport than just racing. As a part of the new Garage 56 initiative, he's taken on a 'coach' title that extends beyond what you would normally associate with a racing team. Rather than just giving orders and handing out tasks, Jordan Taylor is providing both professional coaching and professional development to not only fellow racers but also business leaders and career focused individuals.

He's helping them to understand how successful teams thrive through synergy and collaboration. Jordan is showing that success doesn't always come easy, but if you have the right tools and strategies in place, you too can make your dreams become reality. Jordan Taylor is revolutionizing this 'coach' role by sharing his racing journey with others, while helping them to think critically and leverage their skills in order to find their own success—on the track or off it.

The Responsibilities of a Garage 56 Coach

Since Garage 56 was launched, Jordan Taylor has been a key part of the effort. He serves as the team's backup driver and coach, providing essential coaching and mentorship to the car's all-star driver lineup. It's a fitting role for Taylor, as he is an experienced racer with a lifetime of learning under his belt.

As part of this role, Taylor not only provides professional coaching and development but also takes part in the car's setup and strategy meetings. His experience helps shape the team approach to each race and provides valuable input for drivers on how to maximize their performance. Furthermore, Taylor stays involved with the Garage 56 entry at all times—even when he isn't driving—by offering advice and feedback on strategies that have worked for him in the past.

Taylor described this role best himself: "It's not about telling people what to do every step of the way; it's really about helping them figure things out." Through his guidance and leadership, Jordan Taylor is helping to revolutionize what it means to be a coach in Garage 56—one that emphasizes give-and-take conversations between drivers on track performance.

The Importance of Communication and Building Trust

Communication and building trust are key elements of Jordan Taylor's role as the 'coach' in Garage 56. Having a deep and rich history of being involved with the community gives him a leg up in this area. He understands how to be an advocate for and with the community, which he sees as a natural response to certain situations that arise.

There are two important aspects of his communication:

  • Listen: Taylor listens closely to both sides, and takes an unbiased approach when it comes to understanding the issues, problems, and complaints facing Garage 56 and its wider community.

  • Value Input: After listening, Taylor works hard to foster collaboration and bring together everyone's thoughts and opinions on a particular issue or event in order to reach workable solutions for all involved. He values input from both sides in order to find resolutions that will work for all and create an environment where people feel safe and respected.

This give-and-take approach helps both sides build trust with one another, while allowing police access to valuable information that they wouldn't otherwise have access to without this level of collaboration. It's clear that Jordan Taylor's leadership goes far beyond simply being a ‘coach’ at Garage 56—his role is incredibly important in creating an atmosphere of understanding between both sides by facilitating relationships through communication and understanding.

How the Coach Position Is Changing Culture at Garage 56

Jordan Taylor is revolutionizing the role of ‘coach’ in Garage 56. As the Garage 56 coach, he is taking a new approach—Tyler's role is much more of a give and take relationship.

Learning as Much as Teaching

Tyler is learning as much as he is teaching in this new venture. He takes the position seriously but remains open to the ideas of others, always willing to listen and discuss issues with the team.

Empowering Others

Rather than dictating orders or decisions, Jordan Taylor works to empower his team and foster a sense of community. He facilitates conversations and encourages a two-way dialog between members that allow for everyone's ideas to be heard.

Taylor regularly shares his experiences and wisdom with his team, but also seeks out information from others to ensure that everyone is making decisions based on real-time data and feedback. This gives members freedom to voice their opinions in an environment free from judgment or criticism.

Jordan Taylor's work in Garage56 has allowed him to create a culture of collaboration, trust, and respect—the foundation for any successful team venture.

Jordan Taylor's Approach to Coaching

Jordan Taylor's approach to coaching is all about give and take. Sure, he's imparting his knowledge on Garage 56’s new recruits, but he's also learning from them. In fact, coaching is more than just teaching -- it's unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. By taking both an educational and collaborative approach to coaching, Jordan is making a difference in the lives of each Garage 56 employee he works with.

The unique thing about Jordan's approach to coaching is that his practice compliments his recruitment role and allows him to dive deeper. By understanding what motivates an individual and what their goals are, Jordan can help each team member devise an action plan that will get them where they want to be in the long-term.

Through this give-and-take relationship, Jordan has been able to build strong relationships with everyone in his team, which leads to morale boosting moments such as when one employee releases their first major project. It truly shows the power that comes from the collective contribution of ‘coach’ and ‘coachee’ working together!

The Takeaways From Working With Jordan Taylor

If you're considering working with Jordan Taylor to help you on your career journey, there are a few takeaways that you need to be aware of.

The most important one is that the role of 'coach' isn't one-sided—it's not just about Jordan Taylor giving advice and mentorship, it's also about taking in what everyone has to say, learning from their experiences and helping them grow.

In this way, Jordan Taylor is revolutionizing the role of 'coach.' He takes a holistic approach, and helps his clients learn from their relationships as much as themselves.

Listening Skills

Jordan Taylor is also armed with top-notch listening skills—he's able to really hear what people are saying and understand how their thoughts fit with his own understanding of the situation. This helps him provide valuable insight that others might have missed.

Emotional Intelligence

Speaking of insight, Jordan Taylor has a high level of emotional intelligence (EI). This allows him to tune into the emotions and feelings of those around him, so he can provide more targeted advice and assistance.

Overall, the takeaway is simple—a coach isn't just an advisor; it's someone who takes the time to truly understand individual needs and wants, so they can provide meaningful assistance for long-term success.


Jordan Taylor has truly revolutionized the role of 'coach' on Garage 56, providing a unique and dynamic understanding of the role. His give-and-take approach shows not only empathy, but a genuine desire to see the team and driver reach their true potential. Through trust and understanding, he serves as a continual reminder of the ultimate goal: a winning attitude for the team and driver.

With his revolutionary approach, Jordan Taylor has created new standards in the coach role, providing a unique and invaluable perspective to the entire team. His efforts are setting a new bar for how the role of 'coach' should be seen, and it's making a lasting impact on the race track.


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