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can.I am happy to make a sample of my designs for you. Just email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks, Tom Hart I’ve seen that you’ve had some great success with the plexiglass bat houses, are these houses really the best that you could do? I have had my roof leak for about 3 years now and I can’t seem to find a company that would do a mold/repair to fix the leak. I’m not sure how much the house is worth without the leak. My house is rather big for a bat house (500 sq ft) I believe that most would think that a bat house should be much smaller than this. I would like to build a bat house for my home, would you have any suggestions? Troy KUDOS FOR YOU ON THE MOLDING!!! To use the term "BAT HOUSE" in such a way is a false representation. As Bat houses go, this is a great structure. "Bug house" would be closer to the truth. The leak at the top can be fixed. You may need to have the rafters recessed a bit to make it right. The rafters support the roof and allow the roof to slope. If they are not recessed, the roof will slope too much at the bottom and the leak can occur there. Also, the rafters should be spaced so that there is "hang space" above the top rafters. If you have a sloped roof, you need some "hang space" above the roof so the rafters can hang freely. You can see the rafters in the first picture above. The top two rafters are spaced about 18" apart. Assuming the house is about 500 sq. ft. and that is about 10' x 10', with a bat house of this size, you will need to have about 8 rafters spaced at least 18" apart. So, a total of 6 rafters in the roof with a total of 12" on the rafters, that means you need to have a "hang space" of about 18" above the top rafters. To that end, you may need to recess the rafters. It is rare to use 12" rafters on a house like this. And, even rarer to use 6 rafters, but it is possible




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